Serpentine - Ch 5

Sansa leaned back against her door. She was shaking. She took deep breaths to try and calm herself, and began pacing her room, running her fingers through her hair in frustration. She could not BELIEVE how much she desired Sandor Clegane.

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Serpentine - Ch 4

The look on her face sent him reeling. Sandor tried to believe it was something else, but there was no mistaking what it meant… Eyes darkened with desire, her lips parted and—Gods. She had been staring at his fucking cock, and then looked at him and licked her fucking lips.

Sansa Stark wanted him.

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Serpentine - Ch 3

Sansa left the godswood as quickly as her dignity would allow, and then flew down the serpentine, desperate to get back to her rooms, hoping the drawbridge was still unguarded. Head down, watching her feet so she wouldn’t fall and break her neck, she never saw the huge dark figure lurch out of a shadowed alcove along the stairs until she caromed into him at full speed.

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Serpentine - Ch 2

This is madness.

The Hound belonged to the Lannisters. Why did she think he would help her? Why would he want to help her? It would mean risking everything he had, including his life. Sansa assumed it was a good life, too, with many comforts and the freedom to do anything he wanted when he wasn’t on duty. He was even wealthy, after winning the Hand’s Tourney. His life would be much better than hers was under the Lannister’s control. He wouldn’t risk it. This isn’t a song, stop being foolish, just go to sleep.

And yet… Who else would have left her the note?

Sansa heard a sudden commotion outside, growing louder and more urgent with each passing second. She looked out her window, heart pounding. Men were in the yard arming themselves to put down another skirmish in the restless city.

The drawbridge was unguarded.

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Serpentine - Ch 1

Come to the godswood tonight, if you want to go home. Sansa had read it at least ten times and was still clutching the note. It was like something she had read out of her storybooks when she was a child. Come to the godswood tonight, if you want to go home. Was it a joke? Who wrote such things, except in songs and childish tales? It was probably a cruel jape. She could not for the life of her guess who would have left her such a note. She had no friends to speak of in King’s Landing. No one spoke to her kindly, and she might as well have been a ghost, for wherever she went, no one would look at her or speak to her.

Except for the Hound…

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Serpentine - Intro

My story, Serpentine, is a story I started writing in response to this prompt by the moonmoth in the sansaxsandor comment ficathon 4:

Sandor knows Sansa's hot for him, but he wants something more than that. He won't fuck her unless/until he knows she wants more than his magnificent body and giant cock...

*breaks off for a day dream*


...cue much cunt teasing (female version of cock teasing??!) and thwarted desire. Bonus points for heaving bosoms, getting hard in his breeches, denied/delayed orgasms, dirty talk, groping through clothes... basically all of my favourite things :D

So prepare yourselves for major smut, hahaha...

I'll also post new chapters on sansaxsandor, because I fucking love that community.


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