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THIS CHAPTER gahhhhhhh
OMG this next chapter of Serpentine is kicking my ASS. It is so hard to write!!! I've started it five times, five different ways, and I think I've finally got the tone right but I'm not finding that flow that I normally get into. It's really.... really.... really HARD.

And I want to read ownsarivers updates SO BAD and can't do it until I finish this because otherwise I'll lose my nerve. SANSA IS FINALLY LOSING HER MAIDENHEAD IN HER LATEST UPDATE AND I CAN'T READ IT FFFFFUUUUUUU....

I want to read SanSan porn NOW.

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I'm so looking forward to this next chapter of yours. I really hope we get to see stud muffin Sandor on his knees begging Sansa to love and forgive him. *sigh* yep, I am fangirlin' over here! :)
If you don't mind my saying (jmho) but dang, some seduction is in order for your poor sex starved Sansa. The scales of sexual fulfillment must be balanced... or else :)

We all know the next chapter will be fantastic, wait---Fanmazing!!! I just made up a word all for you and your very awesome fic. That is how good I know Ch. 10 will be----It is known! :)

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Wow, thank you so much featherfawn! You just blew my mind and totally made my day! Thank you so much!

Sandor will make it up to Sansa, but like I said to someone in response to my last chapter... This dog don't beg, haha.

I agree, about the scales of sexual fulfillment needing to be balanced. Maybe Sansa will have multiple orgasms? Not really sure at this point!

Anyway, thanks again for your wonderful comment and sending all those positive vibes my way!

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