Need help with French names
I'm so happy to announce that I'm adopting a puppy! My first puppy ever! She's so sweet and funny and silly and smart... It's going to be so great! :D

Okay, now comes the fun/hard part of naming her. She's part Berger Picard, which is a very ancient breed from the Picardy or Pas de Calais area of northern France.  Can any of my French friends help me think of a good name for her?

I tried to add some pictures for inspiration but they came out HUGE and I couldn't figure out how to resize them. So here's a link:

Serpentine - Ch. 11/b
A million thanks to my amazing beta, ownsariver. I could never have finished this chapter without her!!!

This is the 2nd half of my update... Thank you so much for reading!!


The journey took much longer than Sansa expected. She thought it would only take a fortnight to reach the Twins, but when she’d counted 16 days of travel, she asked the Queen if they were almost there. Cersei laughed in her face, and told her they were at least another month away from their destination. Sansa soon came to loathe the close-quarters of the wheelhouse. It took everything inside of her to smile prettily and be courteous when all she wanted to do was scream. She was used to hiding her feelings behind a placid, ladylike mask, but now she couldn’t let down her guard for a single moment, not even at night, because she must share the Queen’s pavilion, too. Being so close to the freedom she had prayed for, for so long, made her days even more of a trial, and the forced inactivity was driving her mad. At King’s Landing, she had become accustomed to wandering the Red Keep, picking flowers in Myrcella’s garden, visiting the wells and the stables, riding her horse in the bailey, and walking to the sept or the godswood whenever she pleased. Even when she chose to stay in her rooms all day working on her embroidery, she was never so sedentary as this. There was nothing to do in the wheelhouse but eat and drink and sew and sleep.

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Serpentine - Ch. 11/a
A million thanks to my amazing beta, ownsariver. I truly could not have finished this chapter without her!! <3 <3 <3

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to update. I'm having to post in two parts because LJ was giving me an error message saying it was too long when I tried to post it all at once.


Sansa stood in the balcony with the other highborn ladies, nervously clutching the rail as she looked down upon the scene below. The throne room buzzed with anticipation. Joffrey, making a show of his power, had decided to hear cases, but the lords and most of the smallfolk who crowded the hall were present for another reason. Today, the King would bestow the lordship of the Twins on one of his loyal subjects, and every nobleman in the room hoped it would be him. The herald dismissed the petitioners remaining to be heard when His Grace grew weary of passing judgments, and the throne room grew quiet. Joffrey stood and smiled. “It is a king’s duty to reward loyalty and service to the Realm. Today, I wish to reward my most faithful and loyal subject with a fine gift, long past due.”

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Serpentine - Ch. 10

Sansa closed the door carefully, wishing she could slam it. She’d thought she was angry when she overheard the women at the wells, but that was nothing compared to how she felt now. She had never known she was capable of feeling such deep, overwhelming rage. She wasn’t even horrified about slapping the Hound, twice, even though she knew she should be. A lady should always maintain her composure. Only little children resorted to hitting people when they were upset. Until now she would have been aghast at even thinking about striking anyone, but at this very moment she didn’t care. She paced about the room angrily, picking things up and putting them down again, and imagined how satisfying it would be to hurl them at the walls. Or at the Hound. I must have been mad to have wanted him. What kind of lady threw herself at someone like the Hound? Her mother and Septa Mordane would have been so ashamed if they’d known how wantonly she’d behaved in these past few weeks. Let him have his kitchen maids. He probably had whores, too.

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ASOIaF has taken over my life
Okay, I talk in my sleep a lot. I've always known that. But my husband told me that last night I was sleep walking. Sleep walking!! I don't know if I've ever done that before!

He said I got out of bed, went to the kitchen (the kitchen is right next to the bedroom), opened the fridge, looked inside, and then closed it and came back to bed.

He said he asked me what I was doing.

And I said...

"I have to make sure Joffrey filled all the pots for Stannis."

He said, "In the fridge?"

My brain had remembered that wildfire has to be kept COLD. So of course it would instruct my sleeping body to look for it in the fridge.

Normally I wouldn't post something like this because really, who cares. But now I'm really worried that I'll start talking about Sandor in my sleep...

Serpentine - Ch. 9

The Hound stormed off, cloak billowing behind him. Even in his anger, he looked magnificent, with his massive shoulders and long black hair, his entire body muscled like a bull. Sansa waited until she could no longer hear his footsteps, and then waited a while longer, hoping he would come back and crush her in his embrace and let her show him how sorry she was for somehow making him angry. But after a long time alone in the corridor, she finally had to admit to herself that he wasn’t coming back, at least not tonight.

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THIS CHAPTER gahhhhhhh
OMG this next chapter of Serpentine is kicking my ASS. It is so hard to write!!! I've started it five times, five different ways, and I think I've finally got the tone right but I'm not finding that flow that I normally get into. It's really.... really.... really HARD.

And I want to read ownsarivers updates SO BAD and can't do it until I finish this because otherwise I'll lose my nerve. SANSA IS FINALLY LOSING HER MAIDENHEAD IN HER LATEST UPDATE AND I CAN'T READ IT FFFFFUUUUUUU....

I want to read SanSan porn NOW.

Serpentine - Ch. 8

No woman had ever smiled at him like that. Sandor’s heart lurched. She was so fucking beautiful. He wanted to wrap her in his cloak and hold her close and tell her he would keep her safe from anyone or anything that ever tried to hurt her again. He wanted to push her back into her room, kick the door shut, and make her his, fuck her on her silk sheets and feather pillows and hear her cry out his name in sweet release.

He wanted her to realize, right now, that she loved him.

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Serpentine - Ch 7

The Hound rolled to her side and put his arm around her. Sansa lay her head on his broad chest as her breathing slowly returned to normal and she waited for his seed to dry on her belly and on her thighs, where she had wiped her palms after he… after he found his release in her hands. Her skirts were still hiked around her waist, but she felt little shame. She could not risk anything staining her gown, otherwise her maids and the washerwomen would know, and she could not bear to think of what might happen to her then.

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Serpentine - Ch. 6

Sansa knew that if she and the Hound were seen speaking to each other for more than a word or two, it would cause problems. She had to find a reason for him to be with her, alone, as part of his duty to Joffrey. His Grace often sent the Hound when he wanted her summoned. If she could think of some way to make the king order the Hound to watch her, surely there would come a time when they would be alone together…

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