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THIS CHAPTER gahhhhhhh
OMG this next chapter of Serpentine is kicking my ASS. It is so hard to write!!! I've started it five times, five different ways, and I think I've finally got the tone right but I'm not finding that flow that I normally get into. It's really.... really.... really HARD.

And I want to read ownsarivers updates SO BAD and can't do it until I finish this because otherwise I'll lose my nerve. SANSA IS FINALLY LOSING HER MAIDENHEAD IN HER LATEST UPDATE AND I CAN'T READ IT FFFFFUUUUUUU....

I want to read SanSan porn NOW.

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Thank you!! I broke down and read Ch. 29 of NLMS but I'm actually several chapters behind. But, it was nice to indulge! Thanks a million for your moral support, I think I might be on a roll now! (hoping I didn't just jinx myself)

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